If you have a variable income, with a job based around commissions or are self-employed, it’s even more important to develop a strong strategy to reach your

financial goals. The Equifax Finance Blog has a new article that can help, whether your goals are to purchase real estate in Atlanta or just feel less stress when paying bills. You can read about it in the article, “

Creating a Budget with an Irregular Family Income,” and see some tips below:

  • Build a cushion – like with building an emergency fund, setting up a cushion that is only spent when absolutely necessary is a way to avoid wasteful spending and keep you safe month to month. Note that this cushion should be kept in a different account, preferably one you don’t look at or easily access so you avoid the temptation of splurging when you have built up a reserve.
  • Specify costs – if you break your expenditures into necessities and luxuries, you will be prepared to cut down in slower months. This can be a lifesaver for anyone, and like many other forms of making abudget

    , this can cut a lot of waste that you didn’t even realize you were spending. Additionally, realizing what portions of your standard expenses like groceries include items you can live without can lead to comfort in more a modest lifestyle when the chips are down.

The full article has more tips, and the Equifax Finance Blog is a rich source for

personal finance advice from avoiding credit card debt to saving money for retirement. Check it frequently, and follow @EFXFinanceBlog on Twitter for helpful little money saving tips daily.

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