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Tara Joiner and Maureen Chatelain of Atlanta-based Pink Barre Studios are today’s Around Atlanta guests on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. The local business was started with a bond that formed between the two over a love for fitness.

After training for a marathon, the two decided that they would work together to bring a business to the city that combined their passion for fitness and bringing women together. The increasingly popular barre method of working out was the catalyst that got the plan moving.

Tara adds, “We both recognized that the Atlanta market was under served, we like to say under barred, compared to the East and West Coast of the country. It took many years and conversations and we finally decided that the timing was right, both from a real estate perspective and fitness market perspective, that it was time to bring a new brand, a local brand to Atlanta.”

The team opened their first studio in the Emory Point area and there are now additional locations in Buckhead, Sandy Springs and at Lake Lanier. The studios are built on the goal Tara and Maureen have of creating a community atmosphere within each location.

The barre method is a body weight-focused exercise that incorporates elements of Pilates, ballet and yoga into a 55-minute class. The classes are for clients at all levels of fitness and modifications to the movements are offered to accommodate those at a beginner’s level, or for those who may have limitations because of prior injury.

Pink Barre sets itself apart from the nationally-recognized chain studios with its own style and flavor,  and the fact that Pink Barre is locally owned and operated with instructors focused on building a community of clients, providing individual attention, and making a difference in the lives of women in their communities, is appreciated by customers. Many of the studio’s clients have been with Pink Barre since the first location opened in 2014. In addition to celebrating its first anniversary, Pink Barre Studio was recently voted the Best of Atlanta 2014 by Atlanta magazine, competing against national brands, which further solidified the support the business has found in its hometown.

When asked for advice for newcomers to barre looking to achieve their fitness goals, Tara and Maureen suggest scheduling workouts so that there is an obligation to go and repercussions to cancelling. They also add that finding a “barre buddy” to hold you accountable is also a good move. To further help motivate clients, the studio regularly holds challenges, the most recent being the “Tuck to Summer,” a 35-day challenge that encourage clients to take 25 classes in 35 days. Clients who achieve the goal get a private party.

Tara and Maureen also emphasize that barre isn’t just for women. The studio regularly holds “Beau’s at the Barre,” an opportunity held every other month for clients to bring their significant other to the class, free of charge, in order to get an introduction to the workout.

Tara adds, “Those Beau’s will come in and maybe they are at the CrossFit gym, or some are professional basketball coaches, and they are in phenomenal shape. But barre is so different, it’s all about muscle fatigue, we work one specific muscle group to fatigue at a time so you don’t use momentum, you don’t use your joints, your ligaments. You are specifically focusing on that muscle, and that’s a lot harder to do than a lot of the workouts where you’re taking 15 or 20 pounds and flinging it over your head using your spine, your joints, your ligaments and momentum. There will be guys five minutes into the class with look of panic.”

To find out more about Pink Barre, visit www.Pink-Barre.com. Also, be sure to follow Pink Barre on the social media sites below:

Twitter: @pinkbarre

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Pinkbarre


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