Pennington Explains Builder Benefits for Participating in Right Choice

The Right Choice program sets home builders apart from their competitors in a “class by itself.” Because Right Choice certified homes are built from the ground up by industry-leading builders, they are guaranteed to provide comfort and energy savings to homeowners in addition to lower maintenance.

An added benefit of builders participating in the Right Choice Home program is a trusted utility partner in Jackson EMC, which provides rebates and opportunities for waiving the upfront development fees. In addition, Jackson EMC ensures that the thermal envelope and heating and cooling system is correctly planned and installed each and every time. Jackson EMC even offers its lowest residential rate to Right Choice homeowners, saving an average of 5 percent in energy costs.

Once the home is complete, Jackson EMC provides promotional material to the onsite Realtors to help sell the home and fully explain what makes the home different to the buyer.  Right Choice new homes also come with two warranty assurances: the one-year Comfort Guarantee warranty ensures that each room will stay within three degrees of the thermostat setting on that level and the three-year Energy Usage Warranty guarantees that heating and cooling costs will not exceed the predicted amount.*

Take some time to learn more about the Right Choice Program and why a Jackson EMC Right Choice home, is the best choice for you and your homeowners. TV Host and Home Energy Expert Ty Pennington explains additional benefits of the Right Choice Program in the above video. Visit to learn more.

* Ask your Jackson EMC representative for complete warranty terms and conditions.