Academy Mortgage is continuing to answer consumer’s top 10 questions about securing a mortgage in this week’s Mortgage Minutes. In this edition, Academy Mortgage is answering the question, “what if I have had credit problems in the past?”

According to Academy Mortgage, credit is just one aspect of your mortgage application. While it is a very important one, it shouldn’t keep prospective home buyers from checking to see if they can be approved. It is very common for people to have had credit problems in the past, whether it was a few late payments or even larger problems. These issues don’t always prevent buyers from qualifying for a mortgage.

While it is true that buyers with excellent credit will have many mortgage options available to them, there are still options for those with lower scores or less-than-perfect credit. For example, potential home buyers can enroll in a rescore program that will help them to increase their score before purchasing a home.

For those buyers that don’t qualify for a mortgage right now, the experts at Academy Mortgage can help them move in the right direction to give them a better chance of qualifying in the future.

Another important factor for prospective home buyers to keep in mind is that the credit score they see is different from the credit score a lender uses.


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