Xplode Conference Atlanta

Xplode Conference Atlanta

Xplode Conference series is bringing brilliance to our backyard in Atlanta on October 26 at Gwinnett Infinite Energy Center. This is the one day real estate professionals can gain the information they need to really make their business thrive in the upcoming year. Matt Fagioli, Founder of the Xplode Conference series, joins us on a special edition of All About Real Estate to give insight on the technology and content offered at the upcoming Xplode conference and to explain how this real estate conference is completely different than others.

Xplode is a series of conferences for realtors, agents, brokers, anyone connected to the real estate industry that wants to be informed and educated on the newest technology and marketing strategies. The focus of the conference is not only to bring the latest technology and marketing information to people in the real estate industry but to help create and support relationships between professionals, associates and MLS’s for the purposing of driving sales and success.

Fagioli founded the Xplode Conference series with his partner as an all-inclusive event that would bring together technology education, marketing, networking and best of all, real, straight-forward advice from leading industry professionals. Fagioli originally founded RE Tech South, which exploded into Xplode. What makes this conference stand-out from the rest is that it was built by people who focused on what real estate professionals actually wanted to hear and learn. This is the one conference where professionals can get the latest information about technology and marketing without spending thousands of dollars traveling. “It’s a great time to sharpen your knowledge and business,” Fagioli stated. “Now is the time to think about how you can run your business differently next year, and this conference is where you can find the answers.”

The conference features two themes, content platform level technology and the idea of team building. These two themes will be the underlying element of all content. If you have ever been to a conference with long and boring sessions, you’ll be pleased to know that speakers at Xplode only present in 20-to-40 minute increments! Attendees will learn from industry leaders at realtor.com, homes.com and many more. Aside from empowering messages, guests will also have the opportunity to explore various technology vendors. “The foundation of a great sales business is a good website and CRM to stay in touch with clients and potential clients,” said Fagioli. “Our vendors are companies that provide that packing solution.”

If you find yourself asking, how do I build a more sophisticated technology-based system and how do I scale my team, or build an organization that can create more sales results and better experiences for clients, then Xplode Conference is for you. The conference is financially accessible with tickets ranging from $20-to-$40.

Tune into the podcast with the link above to hear a more in-depth explanation of the conference, vendors, and to learn tips for first-timers. For those who want to attend the Xplode conference in Atlanta, visit www.xplodethis.com for early bird specials.


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