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nüber-T Men’s Wellness League Founder Desmond Mason joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss an important topic that’s often swept under the rug – men’s health. During this Around Atlanta segment, Mason shares with co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick his journey to improve his health and how that led him to create a men’s wellness center to guide men to better health and and wellness center

Mason, a husband and father to three children, sought ways to improve his health as he became older. As Mason searched for solutions, this led him to create the concept of nüber-T. The mission of nüber-T is to help men live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Mason noted how men choose to improve their health by working out at the gym rather than making regular visits to the doctor. To better reach men, Mason created a hybrid of the gym and the doctor’s office to offer medical guidance as well as wellness plans to improve men’s standard of health.

When forming his business, Mason observed a few key statistics that guided the vision of nüber-T :

1.     There are seven million American men who haven’t seen a doctor in over 10 years.

2.     Men are 50% less likely than women to go to the doctor.

3.     72% of men say that they would rather perform household chores such as cleaning toilets rather than go to the doctor.

“Wellness is a lifestyle. The fountain of youth is exercise and it’s also nutrition, those are foundational to health and wellness,” said Mason. “We invest so much time into other things, and sometimes wellness can become less of a priority.”

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After performing research into his experience, Mason realized he was facing andropause, the gradual process of aging that occurs to men’s hormones. Mason looked for centers that could help him focus on his health and wellness, but his search was unsuccessful. To create a center that met the standards he envisioned, Mason developed nüber-T which offers a focused blend of both professional healthcare checks and exercise plans.

When new members visit nüber-T, they undergo a wellness combine (performance and health evaluation) where the team learns about the individual’s overall health and lifestyle to provide a wellness rating that they’re encouraged to improve during a personal wellness season. This rating informs customers of the age quality health they possess, based on information from their daily lifestyle and habits. To help men achieve their wellness goals, nüber-T provides a wellness playbook and performance coaches, as well as tailored exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plans.

“There are a lot of men that are very motivated and sometimes it’s easier to work with them. But we also work with members that are not as motivated and they haven’t worked out in years, and they’ve let themselves go. We work on that entire spectrum, and it’s a joy to watch men focus on this and see how it impacts their lives,” said Mason.

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Mason credits his family for enabling him to both work at a full-time corporate job and act as the leader of a holistic men’s wellness center. At nüber-T, his mother acts as head of operations, his stepfather is the head of HR and his wife helps design the facilities as the head of experience. A close family friend works as the nüber-T medical director and another long-time friend handles the sales and marketing.

The wellness center focuses on five areas of services for its members referred to as the wellness playbook. These five aspects include lifestyle health, hormonal health, sexual health, bone and joint health and aesthetics. Throughout this process, guidance and health and wellness plans are personalized to match the unique health goals of each individual.

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