Lynee Davis NterNow and Chris Hartley

CEO and Founder of NterNow, Lynne Davis, and Chris Hartley, 40 under 40 Professional Builder Magazine, are in studio for this special edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. Joined by co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick, the group discusses best practices and everything NterNow on this special All About Real Estate segment of Radio.

Davis was a residential Realtor for over 20 years. She was finding it hard to get people in to tour homes around the housing market crash in 2008. It was these extenuating circumstances that helped her come up with the idea for NterNow. The software used in NterNow helps potential buyers tour a home on their own. It also allows Realtors to keep track of interested parties.

Hartley has been in the real estate industry since 2003. He works with public and privately-owned homebuilders across five different states. Currently in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Hartley believes in the power and usability of technology in the home building industry. He finds the use of technology not only important but also necessary in today’s everchanging home building and real estate industries. Hartley is also a huge proponent of NterNow.

“I’m a huge fan of NterNow and that’s no secret,” said Hartley. “I’ve been a fan and a user of their services for over three years. What I loved about the product is it was changing the business to allow people to buy or preview homes the way they wanted to.”

Hartley noticed that in sales, buyers don’t normally want to talk to sales representatives or agents until they are ready to buy. NterNow allows buyers to look through and tour homes on their own time and reach out to the agent when they are ready. This process not only helps buyers have a more personalized, care-free and comfortable home shopping experience, but it still allows NterNow to hold onto information and leads from buyers.

Once a potential buyer enters a home, the lead information is automatically deployed to the sales agent. This means it is up to the sales agent to determine how to proceed and nurture the lead. Hartley implements a unique strategy to help convert these leads into sales. First, he recommends making the home noticeable and distinguishable from other homes for sale. Using the bright orange NterNow sign is a great way to draw attention to the house for sale, while also letting people know they can tour the home on their own. Next, Hartley gives the buyer space. He feels the home shoppers appreciate the space and don’t need sales agents hovering when trying to make the decision. Hartley also recommends ensuring your website notes that homes are available for touring through NterNow’s instant, home-access system without assistance.

“Ninety-eight percent of buyers are online before they come tour the community,” said Hartley. “They know when they are touring that day that they have a home they can preview. People don’t need to look at NterNow as a replacement to the sales team, but rather an enhancement or an additional member of the sales team itself.”

It is impossible for members of a sales team to work 24/7. While they do commit long hours to home sales, NterNow allows for additional hours of operation, including weekends and holidays.  Hartley had two move-in ready homes available on the same street as four other move-in ready homes from different buyers. Both of Hartley’s homes sold before any of the other homes, and this is most likely due to people being able to tour the homes during hours unavailable to the other houses for sale.

“I remember one particular Fourth of July last year,” said Hartley. “We had 36 NterNow tours and we sold 6 of those homes within a week. That makes NterNow a member of the team.”

NterNow not only helps turn visits into leads, but it also creates a better home buying experience for everyone involved. To get the full inside scoop on everything NterNow, be sure to listen to the full interview above. You can also visit

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