NterNow self-service home tour

NterNow, the industry’s leading self-touring service, offers solutions for sales center staffing. Whether it’s to cover time off for COVID-19 or other illnesses, Christmas holidays or vacations, NterNow is there to provide coverage to builders’ sales teams, providing home shoppers one-time-use unlocking codes for safe and independent touring of locked homes at their convenience 365 days a year.

“Covering model homes and sales centers is always a staffing challenge around the holidays,” NterNow President and Founder Lynne Davis said. “And now with COVID lockdowns and short staffing issues, we are happy to provide a service so that home shoppers can continue to tour homes and make offers 365 days a year, whether there is an agent on-site or not. Builders are often surprised by how many homebuyers shop on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July!”

Unassisted home access and lead capture technologies provide customer connectivity and restore vital in-community lead collection. The industry leader, NterNow provides builders a patented lock that changes codes every minute and does not require Wi-Fi. “Why Wait? Tour Now” yard signs invite drive-buyers to tour on demand. After buyers’ identities are fully verified, they receive a code to unlock the door for their independent tour of the home. The customer’s information is texted to the selling agent in real time for follow-up. The system is easy to implement.

Real estate in general has historically lagged in offering consumer-driven purchasing experiences. Amazon has taught the world to shop anytime, anywhere and without the aid of salespeople. Myers Barnes, in chatting on a December podcast with Kimberly Mackey of New Home Solutions about self-touring said, “I love it!  People shop at their convenience, not yours.” Builders are slowly adapting to a world where the consumer wants to independently dream, select and buy.

With home builders concerned about providing home buyers a safe way to shop while social distancing, NterNow is a solution that both home builders and home buyers have embraced.

NterNow is an on-demand and pre-scheduled tour service that allows homes to remain locked but accessible with a unique or one-time entry code. Prospects can self-tour homes on their own upon verifying their identity.

NterNow is positioned to help home builders provide customer-convenient access via a self-touring service. For more information, call 678-910-1811 or visit www.NterNow.com. For more information on NterNow, click here.

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