NterNow on-demand access

NterNow launches new dashboard and apps for its home builder clients.

NterNow is a patented on-demand access service for locked vacant properties. The dashboard sports a new modern look, as well as additional functionality that allows onsite salespeople to have more control over the dashboard. For instance, builders can now add multiple employees and control who is working to manage leads during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis. Leads can be forwarded easily to someone else if a team member has a day off.

“We rushed this update in response to the coronavirus crisis to give our clients more versatility with responses to consumers,” NterNow President and Founder Lynne Davis said. “The new dashboard provides home builders with much needed flexibility in assigning people to their various properties. Additionally, the updated dashboard allows us to add other services quickly. Look for several new products to roll out within the next month or two.”

With home builders concerned about providing home buyers a safe way to shop while social distancing, NterNow has become a solution that both home builders and home buyers have embraced.

NterNow is an on-demand access service that allows homes to remain locked, while providing home shoppers with a unique or one-time entry code to tour homes upon verifying their identity.

Sublime Homes in St. John, Indiana doesn’t typically have a lot of inventory homes; however, they currently have an NterNow lock on one home. “It’s great to be able to offer the lock to our prospects to use to view our home,” said Sublime Homes Sales and Marketing Director Amy Alexander. “As a custom home builder, our walk-in traffic is not substantial, but we have had a few prospects view the home and they loved that they were able to view it unassisted without anyone else in the home. They have come back to visit a couple of times now and we hope to take a contract on this home soon.”

GreenTech Builders of Chattanooga, Tennessee utilizes NterNow to maintain leads and provide shoppers with home tours during this time of social distancing. According to the builder’s Director of Marketing Shawn Summey, “We averaged 14.5 unique leads the last four weeks using NterNow compared to 8 to 10 leads per week across all our communities for onsite agents before putting in NterNow. So, it has actually increased our lead capture.”

During this same time period, GreenTech had 126 homes toured, wrote three contracts and had five potential buyers come back for second visits.

NterNow is positioned to help home builders through the coronavirus crisis. For more information on how homebuyers can “enter now”, call 678-910-1811 or visit www.NterNow.com.

About NterNow
NterNow is an instant, self-service access system which allows “drive-buyers” to tour otherwise locked, inventory homes while keeping the home secure. With over a decade of providing access to new homes, NterNow is the construction industry leader of independent buyer home access. To schedule an online demonstration, or for more information on NterNow, call 678-910-1811 or visit www.NterNow.com.

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