Housing and population trends bring with them a new set of challenges that can affect people in ways we may not notice. Frank Norton with the Norton Agency joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for today’s All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss migration in and out of Atlanta and how that affects the rest of the state.

Norton, whose business is a third-generation family-owned operation out of Gainesville says that when he was younger, the best and brightest African Americans left Gainesville for Atlanta. They sought better jobs and more living opportunities. Now, Norton says that migration is motivated by age, with younger people seeking the thriving urban environment Atlanta provides.

“As Atlanta ages down, the rest of the state ages up,” Norton says, presenting “long-term challenges” for smaller towns. The question this youthful exodus from smaller towns is how to reignite the growth of smaller towns so that families will want to stay.

This trend is evident in other parts of the state to a smaller degree, according to Norton. Savannah and Augusta have seen an influx of younger residents, but “Atlanta is the epicenter,” Norton says. He goes on to explain that northerners, particularly in the 55 and over age group, are attracted to Georgia for its affordability, climate and even healthcare.

With this explosion of growth, Norton says that “affordable housing is not affordable anymore,” and he cites the increase in housing prices across the state. Builders are affected by rising costs of production, labor and governmental oversight. Norton and his group study and work to address these issues statewide.

Listen to today’s segment to learn more, and find Norton online.


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