ULI Atlanta has added North Atlanta High School to its UrbanPlan Program. UrbanPlan is a classroom-based, web-supported program in which high school students learn the roles, issues, trade-offs, and economics involved in urban development.

The ultimate goal of UrbanPlan is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow and give them the knowledge to be active citizens in their communities. North Atlanta High School is one of 37 high schools across the nation participating in UrbanPlan. UrbanPlan allows students to form teams and respond to a redevelopment agency’s “Request for Proposal” for the redevelopment of a site in a hypothetical city, with the goal of winning the contract from the city. Using their problem solving skills, students’ come up with a solution that simulates a “real world” situation.

A “City Council” comprised of approximately 80 local volunteers challenge the students to think more critically about the UrbanPlan issues, while providing guidance from personal experience.

For more information on ULI Atlanta and UrbanPlan visit www.ULIAtlanta.org.

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