riverfront propertyThe New Year is here, and what better way to start fresh in 2016 than to buy a new home site at Flint River Preserve. Offering interested buyer’s waterfront property in Georgia, this four-star certified green community provides an unprecedented lifestyle on the Flint River.

    Within the gates of this private, relaxing community, buyers will find three separate home site options. Each option differs in acreage, price, location and amenities.

    • Village Home sites – These home sites are priced from $39,000 to $47,500 and offer 0.3 to 0.4 acres. Homes built on a village home site can a maximum of 2,000 square feet. Located at the heart of the community, village home sites provide its residents with walking access to the community’s amenities such as the Pavilion on Sugar Hill, Fort Flint child’s fort, community orchard, community garden and two of the five stocked fishing lakes throughout the community.
    • Estate Home sites – Priced from $68,000 to $76,500, an estate home site ranges from 0.75 to 1.3 acres pending the location and allows for a maximum home size of 2,200 square feet. A major selling point of the estate lots is the access it provides to the many ponds and lakes within the community. Eight estate home sites are located on the duck pond and offer large, mature pine trees or oak trees and frontage on the pond itself. Seven estate home sites are located on Magnolia Lake providing its residents with lakefront property. Wildlife corridor access or a marsh view. Four estate home sites sit on a wildlife corridor and are near central park, which is the location of the village home sites and its numerous amenities. In addition, wildlife corridors are parts of the community officially designated as a wildlife preserve. This land remains untouched, unharmed and undeveloped and will have little to no human traffic. These areas are the perfect place to view the copious amounts of wildlife that roam around the community.
    • Riverfront Home sites – Offering anywhere from 0.89 to 1.15 acres, riverfront home sites are the most sought-after pieces of property offered in Flint River Preserve. Pricing ranges from $165,000 to $195,000. Residents living in a riverfront home site enjoy between 125 and 200 feet of Flint River frontage. Located along the bank of the Flint River, homeowners will enjoy peaceful views of the river, an overall serene setting and plenty of large, mature trees. Two of these home sites offer direct beach access, so homeowners can easily launch a canoe, kayak or cast a line. Five of these home sites offer river bluff frontage giving homeowners an elevated view of the forest and the river. Maximum square feet of a riverfront home is 2,500 square feet

    Make 2016 a success and make the commitment to a new home site! For more information about home site sizes or design guidelines, contact Flint River Preserve at 229-425-3887 or visit the Flint River Preserve website at FlintRiverPreserve.com. Be sure to follow the Flint River Preserve Facebook page for more information and to stay up-to-date on events: www.facebook.com/FlintRiverPreserve.

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