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Siemens Industry, Inc. just released a newly designed plug-on neutral load center and an electronic circuit breaker to aid in faster and easier installation. A global leader in the process and manufacturing industries, Siemens creates technology to support single-family, multi-family and commercial construction.

The load center and electronic circuit breaker share a variety of updated features aimed to make construction projects more efficient. These products help homebuilders and electrical contractors finish projects faster, save on labor costs and maintain safety at the job site. Designs are specifically engineered to decrease installation time and increase flexibility.

This is seen in the plug-on neutral load center’s key features. With an overall smaller electronic breaker footprint, the load center offers electricians over four inches of wire bending space, which allows for a simpler, cleaner and faster than before path to finished projects.

The load center also includes an integrated neutral bus which provides a more secure and reliable connection for indoor or outdoor applications. Upgraded and updated, the model is also compatible with existing surge solutions including the QSA breaker and the FirstSurge™ unit.

The load center retains some of its previous functions. Some favorite features that are still included are:

  • Bonding screws
  • Visible neutrals
  • Insta-Wire Invertible
  • Durable hook rails

The plug-on electronic breakers expand on the meaning of “wiring made easier” as the time-tested product is designed to make the neutral connection secure during installation by clipping in an existing line side clip.

While the newer model showcases a single lug, the CAFL breaker feeds two separate circuits from this one position. The CAFL breakers are installed in the same manner as a thermal magnetic (standard) breaker. This allows for the installer to land ground and neutral conductors before installing the breaker and power conductor.

The plug-on electronic breaker features include:

  • Load lugs only on the CAFCI breakers
  • LED indicators for troubleshooting
  • Insta-Wire connectors

Time is no longer wasted time with the help of the plug-on neutral load center and the electronic circuit breaker. Forget spending hours detangling cords or correcting an electrical overload as both products aim to help builders save on space and time.

Siemens helps builders bring the client’s dream into fruition by moving beyond outdated technology and, instead, introducing new and improved technologies. For more information about the products or Siemens Industry, Inc., visit their website. For more information, contact Tim Randolph, Business Development Manager-Home Builders, 615-430-7645 or

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