illusion by ppg porter paintsHere we go! A sneak peak into our second design trend is sure to get all of you fantasy lovers excited!  The second trend is called “Illusion,” and it makes fairy tales for adults perfectly acceptable!  It balances dark and dramatic designs with delicate and playful forms with a flair for the extraordinary.

Have you noticed all of the remakes recently of fairy tales?  Grown up versions of classics like “Snow White” have hit the theaters, but that’s not the only place they’re making a comeback!  Interior design and fashion industries are now mimicking this enchanted style.  So, how can you turn your home into an “illusion?”  Combine bright colors such as fuchsia and sea foam with dramatic colors such as blacks and very, very pale pinks, blues and greys.  Don’t be afraid to play with shapes, proportions and textures.  What makes “Alice and Wonderland” so enchanting?  Remember the chairs and play on proportions?  High seat backs, shrunken people, bright colors…all of these things lead to a very unique feeling.  Have some fun with design this year.  I think you’ll be surprised how much design and your work/play environment can have an impact on your mood as well as your work performance!

Check out for more design ideas.  Not big on fairy tales?  Come back next time for our third design trend!

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