The Sales and Marketing Council (SMC), the largest and most viable council in the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors for 2007/2008:

  • Ro Preisinger, Coldwell Banker Residential Services: Chairman
  • Cindy Huber, New South Publishing: Vice-Chairman
  • Bob Kennedy, Richardson Housing Group: Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jeff Anderson: Parliamentarian
  • Sandy Andrew, Membership Committee
  • Ginny Bishop, Sharp Residential: Programs Committee
  • Sandra Dunn, Five Star Mortgage: Membership Committee
  • Carol Flammer, Flammer Relations, Inc.: Education Committee
  • Bobby Mink, Stratland Homes: Events Committee
  • Kevin Polite, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution: Communications Committee
  • Sandie Tate, Guaranty Mortgage Services: Awards Committee
  • Tori Ewing, Haven Properties: Events Committee
  • David Tracht, Peggy Slappey Properties: Awards Committee

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