New American Funding Helps Veterans Achieve Homeownership

Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show recently welcomed Loan Consultant Cory Miller with New American Funding. Miller joined this segment of Mortgage Minute sponsored by New American funding to discuss helping buyers with mortgages and loans. Miller dives deep into specifically helping veterans achieve homeownership and VA loans and what the process looks like.

Cory Miller is a seven-year US Army veteran himself, with most of his career spent in the 101st Airborne Division. Miller served two combat tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

“I had a hard time transitioning out of the Military,” said Miller. “I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my career. I got involved in a lot of local charities that helped veterans, and it made me realize I wanted to make a career out of helping veterans.”

Miller became a licensed loan originator, and he now helps veterans get loans and find dream homes to live a lifetime in. Miller believes these individuals who fought selflessly deserve opportunities to experience homeownership once they return home.

“The military is all about selfless service,” said Miller. “It’s about serving and protecting your country. I just want to be able to help provide these veterans with a piece of the country they fought so hard to defend.”

Miller also knows it is beneficial to have a veteran on both sides of the table. Having a veteran help other veterans achieve homeownership allows for complete understanding when explaining the loan process and its various benefits, while also ensuring the client understands the full potential of the program.

To contact Cory Miller with New American funding, call 678-888-6809. You can also visit to learn about the wide variety of products and services available at New American Funding. You can also read up on their most recent news here.

Watch the full Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show interview with Cory Miller below.

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