David White on ABNH

Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show recently welcomed Southeast Business Development Manager David White with New American Funding. White joined this segment of Mortgage Minute sponsored by New American Funding to discuss its communication efforts through the use of three easy-to-use mobile applications.

At New American Funding, communication is a top priority. The professionals understand that buying a home is one of the biggest decisions a buyer can make. Because of this, the mortgage lending company always strives to communicate with both Realtors and buyers during every step of the home buying process.

“In 2021, we really believe that making sure that we communicate to the real estate agents and customers,” said White. “It’s just top-of-mind. It’s making sure that they know that we know this is the biggest purchase of their life and we want to make sure if they have any questions, that the follow-up is always right there for them.”

New American Funding has three mobile applications that help remove the hassle of applying for a mortgage. The first app, New American Funding Digital Mortgage Application, is designed for the customer. All the borrower has to do is go to the app and fill out their information. New American Funding safely and securely uses the information to verify income, assets and any tax information electronically. Because of this simple technology, there are fewer questions, paperwork, difficulty and miscommunication. In addition, borrowers can always check the progress of their application at any time!

Loan officers also have digital resources to take advantage of, including the GoGo LO app. This app allows loan officers to track production data, calculate and deliver mortgage payment calculations and get notifications on active listings. This user-friendly app makes loan officer’s jobs easier, while also streamlining the loan application process. Realtors also have an app to utilize called Townify. Townify helps Realtors know what is going on during every step of the home buying process.

For more information on what New American Funding is doing to continue its communication efforts, contact David White at 404-580-1969 or visit www.NewAmericanAtlanta.com. Watch the full Mortgage Minute interview with White below.

You can stay up-to-date with New American Funding on Atlanta Real Estate Forum here.

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