Gina Spearman with New American Funding

Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show recently welcomed Gina Spearman, regional manager of New American Funding. Spearman joined the show to discuss the many programs and services offered by New American Funding, review 2019 and examine the expected mortgage changes in 2020.

New American funding saw extreme growth in the Atlanta market in 2019. Spearman recaps a successful year helping to provide homeownership to homebuyers all over Georgia. With a productive 2019, the Atlanta New American Funding team is hopeful and excited to kick off 2020.

“We are extremely thankful, grateful and honored that between our Georgia homebuyers, the builders and our Realtor partners, we were able to provide homeownership for over 7,000 families in Georgia in 2019,” said Spearman. “There is just no greater benefit than that of homeownership.

While 2019 saw great success, 2020 looks to be just as promising. The conforming, or conventional, loan limit has increased to $510,400. This means more homebuyers can buy homes using conventional financing methods. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) also declared new loan limits for 2020, making homeownership more affordable for more people. The FHA loan limit increased to $331,760.

In addition to the increased loan limits occurring nationally, New American Funding is also announcing exciting news for homebuyers. It is continuing the commitment to customer service and the dedication of providing homeownership, while also rolling out a set of new products. One product offers 100% financing with no mortgage insurance required. This is offered not only on VA and USDA loans, but also on conventional and FHA loans. This new product offers plenty of opportunity to get into a home with no money down.

New American Funding is also helping homebuyers with lower credit scores to receive financing to buy a home. The company has programs to help buyers with credit scores as low as 580. This program is done through the use of manual underwriting. Now, an actual person looks at an application, as opposed to only relying on a computer to make a decision. This allows for clients to tell their story. With adequate explanation and documentation, approval for financing is now easier for a larger group of people.

To find out more about New American Funding or how to take advantage of their incredible new products, visit or call 404-323-4748 today. You can also read up on their most recent news here.

Watch the full Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show interview with Gina Spearman below.


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