New American Dream Initiative

Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show recently welcomed Kim Arrington, branch manager, with New American Funding. Arrington joined this Mortgage Minute segment, sponsored by New American Funding, to discuss the New American Dream initiative. This brand-new initiative was created to help the African American community earn homeownership.

The New American Dream initiative was created in 2016 by New American Funding President and Co-Founder, Patty Arvielo. The New American Dream initiative was created to help raise awareness and increase homeownership in African American communities. This is done through several programs designed to increase consumer confidence through education and accessibility to relevant loan programs.

One of the steps to building homeownership in the African American community was implemented in the marketing department. New American Funding strived to be more diverse in the community and marketing material.

“It’s really impressive and it feels great to see yourself represented and know there is someone you can work with,” said Arlington.

The New American Dream initiative also works to increase buyer literacy in the community. Currently, New American Funding is promoting the Smart Homebuyer campaign. This campaign breaks down the homebuying process week-by-week for the consumer. The program offers resources including first-time homebuyer programs, credit score requirements, down payment information, home buyer tips and more. The campaign also gives insight on how to retain a home even after closing.

With the New American Dream program, professionals are going into maybe high schools or GED programs to get in front of adults to talk to them about financing in their community. They discuss how to use money smartly and introduce a fine-tuned curriculum to be utilized by potential new homeowners. Other programs offered through the New American Dream initiative include open homebuyer workshops.

To find out more about the New American Dream initiative from New American Funding and to reach out to Kim Arrington, visit or call 678-644-6945. Make sure to watch the whole interview with Arrington below.

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