New American Dream Initiative

Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show recently welcomed Kim Arrington, branch manager, with New American Funding. Arrington joined this Mortgage Minute segment, sponsored by New American Funding, to discuss the New American Dream initiative. This brand-new initiative was created to help the African American community earn homeownership.

The New American Dream initiative from New American Funding is focused primarily on the African American community and how to educate, inform and empower this group on the homeownership possibility. The initiate dives into several important topics, including financing, credit, mortgages and finding out the best options for each individual family.

New American Funding is raising awareness and building consumer confidence while also working to increase homeownership in African American communities. The New American Dream Initiative works to answer questions, figure out options and create a space for individuals and families to achieve homeownership.

“It can really be from the basics of how do I put funds together to purchase, what do I do after a foreclosure or bankruptcy, or I’ve never owned I’ve rented for 20 years,” said Arrington. “Just being able to be hands-on works so much better than doing it by phone. I have found that engaging with my clients one on one over Zoom when I’m doing my preapprovals has helped take down some of the stress and make them more comfortable.”

In addition to Zoom meetings, New American Funding is also setting up at local organizations to allow members of the community to visit and discuss homeownership options. This allows for face-to-face interaction and a further opportunity to educate and inform.

To find out more about the New American Dream initiative from New American Funding and to reach out to Kim Arrington, visit or call 678-644-6945. Make sure to watch the whole interview with Arrington below.

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