atlanta real estate brokerageThis week we interviewed one of our newest agents, Cory Rowland. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about your real estate background.

My five years in the industry have mostly been in the aggressive New York City real estate market. There, I learned how to build business relationships despite advertises in order to satisfy my client needs. I also learned how to be an effective communicator, negotiator and problem solver for my clients and customers in a difficult  real estate market.

What is the most rewarding thing about working in real estate?

The most rewarding thing is knowing that I have the freedom to create opportunities to build a successful real estate business by meeting people.

What are your predictions for the market for 2013?

My prediction for the 2013 real estate market is that there will be an upswing in real estate purchases as the banks ease up and release money to kick-start the market.

What differences have you seen in the Atlanta market compared with what you experienced working in New York?

Although Atlanta is a more pro-homeownership market, I find that the demand is significantly slower than purchasing real estate than New York.¬† New York is known for its huge rental market and having some of the most aggressive real estate agents in the business. The unique thing about the Atlanta market is that it’s very trendy and school district driven with a lot of real estate investment opportunity. The home prices in Atlanta are significantly lower than New York, and the real estate agents here are more relaxed.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to someone preparing to sell in the Atlanta market?

Before putting your house on the market, go to open houses in the surrounding area to compare the decor of those homes to yours, and then make logical decisions about upgrades that can make your home stand out. If you don’t make any upgrades, make sure your home is attractively priced.

What advice would you give someone who is preparing to start their home search?

Look at buying real estate as a business. Make sure you understand that, most likely it will be a long term investment. Also, make sure you prioritize based on your needs and don’t financially overextend yourself by buying too much house.

Cory, along with all of our other talented agents, is here to help you with your buying and selling needs, so be sure to reach out to us. For more information, please visit or Like us on Facebook.

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