Celebrate National Homeownership Month with Stanley Martin

At Stanley Martin Homes, we believe that owning a home is still the American Dream. So for the month of June, we’ve teamed up with Atlanta Real Estate Forum and the National Association of Home Builders to celebrate National Homeownership Month and help first-time homebuyers on their journey to owning a home of their own.

Understanding your options and recognizing what’s important to you is the first (and best) place to start. We know that’s easier said than done with all the details and decisions to make – but Stanley Martin Homes is here for you!

To help you collect your thoughts, we’ve created the ABCs of First-Time Home Buying with you in mind. In this helpful guide, we’ve summarized the most important things you need to know so you’ll feel ready to make your next move.

Apply the Fundamentals. Knowing what you can afford and what your costs might be is half the battle, but it’s important to understand the process. This way you can go into your search with a clear vision of who does what and what to expect along the way.

Begin Your Search. Create a list to narrow down your options and determine the amenities that matter most to you and those who might be living with you. This might take some compromise, but having a good idea of what everyone’s needs and preferences are will save you time in the long run.

Compare and Choose. There’s a lot to choose from in the home buying market! Pick your top 5 “IT” factors and choose what’s important to you.

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