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    We are all affected by design, whether or not we realize it. On today’s Around Atlanta segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, Laura Flusche from the Museum of Design Atlanta shares with host Todd Schnick just some of the ways MODA works to explore and educate on the ways design influences and supports culture.

    MODA hosts design conversations that are open to the public, and tonight at 7:00 p.m. Brian Collins will be giving a talk about design and innovation. Collins has won every major creative award and his work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Rolling Stone and more. According to Flusche, Collins talks about how “designers are futurists. They think about what challenges we will meet in the future and then design for that.” Grab tickets here for the event, which will be at Synchronicity Theatre.

    Each year, the museum also curates about three major exhibits. Closing on September 3 is an exhibit of social justice posters by Luba Lukova. Lukova grew up in Bulgaria under a Communist regime. When she left in 1991, she found that her work was already widely known. “Her work is important to Atlanta and the United States,” right now, says Flusche. “It’s not propaganda. It doesn’t tell you want to think. But it will make you think.” When that exhibit closes, the museum shuts down for two weeks to prepare the next big exhibit.

    Debbie Millman, designer, podcaster and brand strategist, curated a show of 60 designers to examine ways “bold typography” impacts how we live surrounded by language. This show will open in September 17 and run through February 4, 2018.

    Flusche says MODA isn’t just for designers and adults. The museum offers a wide selection of classes for children interested in learning different aspects of design. The 3D printing class and the electronic circuits class are always popular, but Flusche says the classes change often. Coming up, MODA is offering Subversive Cross Stitch, printing fidget spinners and plenty of classes with Legos.

    Listen to today’s podcast to learn more, and visit them online to see the full schedule.


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