There is great news coming out of the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. During the week of July 22, the Department of Economic Development hosted a press conference where they revealed that 43 companies have decided to either move their operations to the Atlanta area or expand, which will result in an anticipated 6,857 new jobs. With the Georgia unemployment rate reaching record highs, this could very well be the best news we have seen all year.

Of course, this is fantastic news for metro Atlanta residents in more ways than one. First off, and the most obvious, the influx of available jobs will drastically help our local economy. More residents will be able to find employment and receive a steady income, which means the foreclosure rate should start to decrease. On another level, it means that we will also see more people relocating to Atlanta, which means more homebuyers. With more buyers in the market, the number of standing inventory homes should be absorbed and our real estate industry will stabilize.

As you can see, the influx of jobs is such a significant factor that it will positively affect every aspect of the local economy. Check out the list of Metro Atlanta Major New Location & Expansion Announcements for the list of companies and the projected number of jobs each will produce.

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