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Monte Hewett, CEO of Monte Hewett Homes, is today’s All About Real Estate guest on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. Having helped design more than 30 Atlanta neighborhoods, Monte Hewett has set the standard for building homes in highly desirable, in-town communities.

After receiving a construction management degree from Colorado State in 1984, Monte Hewett was a production home builder in Dallas, Texas until 1988 when he moved to Atlanta to start a division of Highland Homes. Beginning in the early 1990s, the company abandoned the strategy of building traditional, single-family houses and started building urban homes in infill locations to cater to the demands of the metro Atlanta population.

Since its inception in 2000, Monte Hewett Homes has continued to design and build homes that are set apart because of attention to detail and livability. When asked about the infill location characteristic of these homes, Hewett explained, “Infill is a location that is pretty well built out. The infrastructure is in place, and the home is close to town. People who choose to live here are usually not only transportation driven, but also life driven.”

The authenticity of Monte Hewett Homes is portrayed in the goal to create houses that are experience-driven and feel like home. This is made possible with the Triple A locations of Monte Hewett communities. These neighborhoods are built in the very best places you can possibly live in their individual submarkets.

Monte Hewett Homes is a recipe for successful homebuilding with a resume of uniform characteristics in each of their communities. Each neighborhood boasts an infill location, districting to the best schools and open spaces that make the big city seem more intimate.  The builder is committed to collaborating with residents of the city to create homes that would potentially provide for all that they desire in a living space. This feedback allows for Monte Hewett Homes to not only design homes with features that buyers need, but also to make connections with future residents. “We provide a great experience, and a great product, and it’s fun,” says Hewett.

To learn more about Monte Hewett Homes, visit www.MonteHewettHomes.com.


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