Monte Hewett Homes has entered into a new realm of building by offering more than just home sites. The builder’s new communities are experiences that capture the best in design, lifestyle and location. To represent this change, Monte Hewett Homes decided it was also time to refresh the look and feel of its brand. As you notice the brand changes, it will become clear that these visual updates better represent who Monte Hewett Homes is as a company, the value it brings to its homeowners and the positive shift that’s been seen over the past few years. In essence, Monte Hewett Homes’ new branding captures the idea of a life well built.

As the only Atlanta home builder that creates the ideal frame for your life and style, Monte Hewett Homes exists to bring people home. The builder’s goal is to help buyers realize the style of living they’ve always wanted while partnering with them to facilitate that vision.

Monte Hewett Homes has been providing people with the fulfillment of feeling at home for more than 20 years. Using its intuitive approach to designing homes, the Monte Hewett team has a sense of knowing what feels right, not just for home designs but also for the cultural fabric of the surrounding neighborhoods. Chief Experience Officer Kelly Kingsfield explains in the company’s new corporate video that Monte Hewett Homes is a design firm that happens to build homes. This unique way of thinking about homebuilding allows Monte Hewett Homes to create spaces that are refreshing and planned with purpose, while the communities are sensible, seamless and inviting.

Monte Hewett Homes approaches the design and build process with intentionality and flexibility. The builder gets to know the feel of the community, as well as the buyer’s individual preferences, such as architecture, materials, landscaping, and the many other personal details that speaks to their style, needs and wants. In this fashion, the Monte Hewett team is able to bring renderings to life and build homes that feel right from the first time the owner steps inside.

As a home builder, Monte Hewett Homes also has the unique opportunity to create communities. With location being the most valuable thing it delivers, Monte Hewett Homes cares deeply about a community’s dynamics and aims to provide a high quality of life for its residents. That’s why Monte Hewett Homes’ locations are chosen based on walkability and community, where sidewalks are pleasant shortcuts to the best schools, grocery stores and office parks – everything a homeowner needs is just a short walk away.

Overall, Monte Hewett Homes provides the perfect blend of green space, materials, amenities and features that are designed with a purpose and intended to welcome owners home. By designing for a lifestyle, the builder helps people have the life and home that they’ve always dreamed of.

To learn more about Monte Hewett Homes and living a Life Well Built, visit the builder’s new website at


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