Moen representatives visit Construction Resources to talk about product innovations MotionSense and M-PACTMoen, a revolutionary faucet brand bringing reliable products and timeless styles to North America for more than 75 years, recently stopped by Construction Resources to talk about their products and design innovations. Topics of the presentation included the MotionSense and M-PACT lines, bringing thoughtful and convenient designs to Atlanta new homes.

    Because life gets messy sometimes, Moen designed an intuitive, hands-free faucet that makes performing tasks in the kitchen as easy as a wave of the hand. Set the water in motion by waving your hand over the Wave Sensor at the top of the spout, and turn it off by waving your hand over the sensor again. At the base of the faucet, the Ready Sensor identifies when a cup or your hand is placed beneath the spout and only runs water until you exit the sensor zone. This product’s ingenuity is continued to the handle, where you can adjust the temperature and water flow to your comfort level. Even when the handle is in the off position, a safety feature resets the water temperature so it’s never too hot. If the batteries die or the power goes out, the faucet can still be used. To learn more about MotionSense faucets from Moen, visit

    For those who would like to update the look of their home and don’t want to call a plumber or perform invasive labor, the M-PACT line from Moen is the perfect solution. Using just two simple tools, you can update and enhance your bathroom style without replacing any of the plumbing. This innovative system is available in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can change things up in your home just as often as you change your personal style. Visit for more information about the M-PACT line.

    Construction Resources offers a full line of sinks and faucets and is a proud carrier of Moen products. Customers can personally experience the convenience and beauty of MotionSense faucets at Construction Resources’ Design Center in Decatur at 224 Rio Circle. For more information on Construction Resources and its products, visit