Mobile MarketingIt’s interesting to learn how other businesses prioritize their marketing efforts and how that shapes their marketing strategies. And this is especially true with mobile; a marketing medium that is still relatively new for companies.

    MarketingSherpa asked marketers what their top business objectives for mobile marketing 2013 are and the five objectives ranking the highest were to: increase sales conversion/revenue, increase lead generation, nurture and engage prospects, build brand awareness and increase overall website traffic. Improving customer service and lowering customer acquisition costs were lower ranking objectives.

    Do those objectives align with the marketing objectives you have for your business? Do you know how mobile marketing can achieve those objectives?

    Learn how later this month at IBS 2013 in the educational session, “Mobile Marketing: How to Attract Buyers Using Smart Technology,” by internet marketing pros Mitch Levinson of mRELEVANCE and Kevin Oakley of Heartland Homes. Levinson and Oakley will discuss mobile statistics – how many Americans use mobile devices for information gathering for purchases, how mobile is different from other marketing mediums, the challenges associated with mobile marketing (and how to address those challenges) and the many ways to use mobile in your marketing (in your sales centers, with virtual tours, apps, QR codes) and more.

    Attendees will get real examples of how builders are using mobile in their marketing along with statistics on how mobile increases their traffic.

    Don’t miss out on this information-packed seminar; add “Mobile Marketing: How to Attract Buyers Using Smart Technology” on Wednesday, January 23 at 8:30 a.m. to your IBS 2013 show planner. See you there!

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