Michèle L. Battle, Atlanta real estate attorney

When it comes to real estate law, Michèle L. Battle, Esq. is making Atlanta real estate history. A highly accomplished lawyer, Battle obtained her undergraduate degree from Ohio State University and her law degree from Harvard Law. She is the CEO, founder and principal attorney at Battle Law PC, a law firm focusing on zoning, land use, permitting and commercial real estate transactions. Battle also holds the distinction of being one of only three African American female attorneys who handle land use and zoning matters in the Metro Atlanta area.

Michèle decided to pursue a career in law when she was in 9th grade when her best friend suggested that they should both become lawyers.  She decided to go into real estate specifically in 11th grade after being encouraged by her father’s attorney, who handled in real estate transactions. She found real estate law to be a win/win area of law because it benefits both the community and the owner or developer of the property.

As a well-established professional, Michèle has had the opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee for the Real Estate Section of the State Bar of Georgia and was the Vice President of Education for the Commercial Real Estate Women of Atlanta, Inc. Because of her stellar reputation and results-oriented approach, she was honored as one of Georgia Trend’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars in 2001 and received the 2001 Local and National CREW Career Development Award, along with the 2001 Local CREW Networking Deal of the Year Award. In 2002, she was recognized in the Atlanta Tribune’s Who’s Who in Black Atlanta.  Michèle is proud of her work on various projects, including representing the City of Atlanta in connection with a land deal involving the Porsche facilities next to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and working with LDG Development, LLC of Kentucky,  on the zoning for affordable housing across from the Kensington MARTA station.

When asked why should someone come to Battle Law PC? Battle replies, “Battle Law helps people turn dirt into opportunity. We have a record of success throughout the metro Atlanta area, which is based on our knowledge of the areas in which we practice, as well as our relationships with the community, staff and elected officials.”

When it comes to the kind of cases she prefers to work on, Battle is open to any case that benefits the community, particularly those that have a transformative impact on communities that need better housing and amenity options. From working in this area for over 30 years, Battle has come to realize that you must have the vision to see beyond other people’s limitations and biases to build community for everyone and not just a few.

While working at Day, Berry and Howard in Boston, Massachusetts, Battle had a mentor who saw her struggling to find her place in law and took her under his wing. Battle comments, “He swore he was going to make me into a great attorney. He has since passed on, and I was and am grateful for his guidance.”

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Ms. Battle encourages other women to go into commercial transactional work, especially land use and zoning. These fields have traditionally been dominated by men, and women’s voices and perspectives are needed. She believes that women’s voices and perspectives are essential in creating balanced and inclusive communities. Battle comments, “Part of the reason that many communities are out of balance is that they are created from a predominately male perspective – 90% of my clients are male, and the architects and engineers that they hire to design community are male as well. This means that female voices are often missing.”

What’s next for Battle? She comments, “As I move into my legacy building years, I am seeking to personally develop and champion housing for marginalized communities such as special needs adults, formerly incarcerated people and developing affordable housing for senior members of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

For more information on Michèle L. Battle and Battle Law’s work in zoning, land use and permitting, visit BattleLawPC.com.  


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