Two years ago, Meritage Homes entered the Atlanta market, and now they are considered one of the top ten area home builders. On today’s segment of All About Real Estate of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, Stephen Haines, Division President at Meritage Homes joins co-hosts Courtney Rogers and Todd Schnick to describe how the builder manages to do so well in Atlanta.

Haines says the company’s climb into the top ten demonstrates that the builder is providing something buyers want. “Consumers are validating our business,” by snapping up their homes in 20 different communities around the Atlanta metro. What sets Meritage apart from competitors is “our energy efficiency package,” which is more comprehensive than required.

Not only are the homes cleaner and more efficient, but they also save the buyer money in the long term, which Haines says “extends your buying power.” According to him, typical homes in Atlanta produce up to eight pounds of dust a year, whereas Meritage Homes produce a quarter of that. Additionally, they use spray foam insulation, variable speed air conditioners, smart thermostats and LED lights throughout the homes, which make them “brighter and cooler.” Each of these and other building products make the homes more efficient, and less expensive to heat and cool.

Haines says that from now on, all new starts will include a standard smart home package, which will include the smart thermostat, some wifi light switches, smart deadbolt, and a video doorbell so residents can see and talk to who is ringing the bell. A smart garage door opener option is available.

These innovations alone make Meritage Homes hot commodities, but on the show Haines explains a few other reasons Atlanta buyers are attracted to their homes. Listen to today’s segment to hear more. Visit them online or call 877-275-6374.


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