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In a world where breaking news seems to happen more and more on social media, good old-fashioned media relations can propel a business into the spotlight. On today’s Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick explain the ins and outs of media relations.

Morgan explains that media relations differ from other aspects of marketing strategy because it is “earned coverage,” that comes from relationships and dialogue with reporters rather than paid coverage, like advertising. This type of coverage typically stems from the work of a public relations agent pitching ideas to various outlets on behalf of clients. This has become easier with the prevalence of social media, but face-to-face meetings still win the day.

Public relations experts make it their job to cultivate relationships with reporters. Taking them to lunch or coffee, asking them what kinds of stories they want to cover, finding what they need to do their job is a way to create trust. Once this relationship exists, reporters will refer to these experts and their clients again and again because they have established credibility.

According to Morgan, news agencies are “under-staffed, under-funded,” and short on time. Public relations managers who make work easy for reporters will continue earn coverage for their clients. Creating a digital press room, having headshots, bios and other relevant background information easily available allows for efficiency.

Being an established, credible voice is vital in an age when what Schnick calls “pitch spam” washes in steadily from disreputable sources. People in PR know how and when to pitch stories to the right people to ensure the best attention for their clients.

Listen to today’s segment to hear more tips on approaching media with stories.


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