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When searching for a new home, the amount of storage space available can be a primary deciding factor, especially for large families. Closet space in particular can be a deal-breaker for many people. However, after years of living in a home, it can seem as if there is never enough space to hold all of the clothes, toys and other items accumulated through the years.

There are many ways to maximize closet space to store each necessary item with room to spare. However, maximizing space doesn’t always mean spending a large amount of money on closet organization systems or custom shelving. Instead, try some of these affordable and effective closet organization tricks to the clutter at bay.

Remove Clutter

The first step to creating space in a closet is to clean unnecessary clutter out. If an item hasn’t been worn in at least a year, either toss or donate them. A great, easy way to go through items is to incorporate the KonMari Method™.  The philosophy behind this organizational method is to figure out what “sparks joy”. Instead of simply choosing what to discard, select items that speak to your heart. This is a simple but effective tidying method to prevent clutter relapse.

Clean Up

After removing clutter, conducting a deep clean of a closet is a great way to refresh the space. Actions like performing a full dusting, vacuuming the floors and wiping all surfaces are easy ways to make a space seem brand-new and a great motivator for the next steps.

Figuring out how to utilize space in a current or new home is essential to stay organized and reduce clutter. A quick, monthly declutter is a great way to regularly keep spaces tidy and bi-annual seasonal declutters are great to prevent unused seasonal items from piling up.

Organization Accessories

Hangers are a more important piece of equipment than one might think. Choosing the right hanger for a space is key when it comes to optimizing the closet space. If space is limited, a great hack is to remove thick plastic hangers and replace them with thin velvet hangers. Cascading hanger hooks are another great addition to take advantage of space and hang multiple garments vertically. An economical, DIY alternative is to use aluminum can tabs.

A majority of closets come with doors, a normally wasted opportunity for over-the-door storage. An over-the-door shoe rack is a great solution for lack of floor or shelf space for large shoe collections. There are many over-the-door storage ideas such as adding hooks, useful for hats or hanging belts.

Utilize shelf space by adding clear boxes to hold non-essential seasonal items such as scarves, gloves and hats. By selecting a clear box and labeling the contents, makes it easier to sort through items as seasons change.

Built-In Closets

For those with a larger budget,  a built-in custom closet is a great best investment to solve all storage issues.  IKEA PAX System offers many cheaper options for custom closet renovations with choices of pre-made combinations or personalized designs from scratch, providing ample space to better fit a homeowner’s needs.

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