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    When it comes to building a marketing plan, it helps to understand generational differences that may shape messages that land like a bull’s eye within their intended targets.  In today’s Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick talk to a real, live Millennial, mRELEVANCE Account Manager Mandy Holm, about the challenges brands face when trying to convey messages to her generation.

    Holm says the most important thing to understand about her generation is that “we don’t like to be marketed to,” which certainly makes life challenging for those tasked with doing just that. Further, Millennials are intensely brand loyal, and as Schnick points out, “cause-oriented,” as well. This generation will stick with a product for life when they fall in love with it, and they will share that love with their social channels. They also respond well to firms that do “good” in the world, like TOMS, The Coca-Cola Co. and even Anheuser-Busch Companies, which, according to Morgan, has switched production from beer to water during emergencies.

    Holm provides some tips on marketing to people who do not want to feel like they are not a target.

    “You have to get creative,” said Holm. If a firm supports charitable organizations, tell people about it. Avoid messages on social platforms that are text only. “We’re super visual,” so use an editing app to enhance your message and give it social media shareability. Of course, Millennials are native mobile users, so if brands want to resonate with this group, their sites must be mobile-friendly and interactive. They must also have a presence on those same social channels and engage dialogue, not just tossing off advertising.

    To learn more about tailoring a message to Millennials, or any generation for that matter, call Marketing RELEVANCE at 770-383-3363 or click here.


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