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    On this week’s mRELEVANCE Marketing Minute, Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss using hashtags for marketing and social media.

    According to Morgan, hashtags are used as a method of categorizing things on social media, something that started back in 2007 on Twitter. Simply search a specific word, such as “Atlanta” or “real estate” and lead the query with a #, you will find every tweet that contains that phrase.

    The use of hashtags has grown in popularity around certain events, such as concerts or conferences, or trending topics. Events can gauge online interaction with the use of a hashtag that is specific to that event, such as #IBSOrlando or #AJCPeachtreeRoadRace. This makes it easier for people to connect with others that share similar interests and/or are attending the same events.

    Hashtags are also an excellent tool for users that cannot attend an event. Simply follow the hashtag stream and never miss a thing.

    Hashtags have evolved to be a cross-platform tool, now being used on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google +.  Growing in popularity are custom hashtags for weddings and graduations. Event planners are able to charge a fee to create a custom hashtag, specifically for a couple’s special day – an easy way to archive everyone’s social media contributions surrounding the event.

    When it comes to using hashtags for marketing, hashtags are an excellent way to drive interaction for contests and sweepstakes. For example, “1,000 tweets using the hashtag #SMContest unlocks a $100 gift card for one lucky participant!”

    Listen to the above interview to learn more about using hashtags as a customer service tool.

    An excellent site that tracks hashtags and reports how a hashtag has trended recently is Hashtags.org. To learn more about creating an integrated marketing program that drives leads, increases sales and includes social media, contact Marketing RELEVANCE at 770-383-3360 or MarketingRELEVANCE.com.


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