Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is excited to introduce a new weekly segment to the show: Marketing Minute sponsored by Marketing RELEVANCE. On this week’s inaugural segment of Marketing Minute, Carol Morgan, co-host and managing partner of mRELEVANCE, discusses the latest marketing strategies and tactics offered through Facebook Live.

    Using Facebook Live for business offers companies the most opportunities for engagement with audiences on Facebook.  This is a great way to get exposure and reach every single one of your followers without having to pay. When starting a Facebook Live feed on a page, the page’s fans receive instant notification that the page is live streaming.  This is the only way that a page can currently notify all of its fans at once.

    The vision for Facebook Live is to create the next generation of TV on a mobile platform. The video tab allows Facebook users to easily discover and consume videos. In May of 2016 at the Digital Content NewFronts Conference, advertisers were assured that Facebook Live was a game-changing platform.  To enforce that moment, Facebook paid 140 publishers and influencers a total of $50 million to create videos for Live.

    Instant gratification is what seems to drive billions of Facebook users to Live video. As a business, your advantages are endless. Promote that you are going live, plan a pre-party, go behind the scenes and make viewers feel like insiders. Some ideas of what to promote:

    • Broadcast an open house or new community
    • Promote a contest
    • Offer expertise through Q&A sessions
    • Provide a behind-the-scenes look at your business – even if it’s just an office tour!
    • Broadcast live from an event
    • Tease a new product
    • Answer Frequently Asked Questions

    Another great quality about Facebook Live is the fact it is simple to use. It requires your smart phone and the click of the “Live” button featured on Facebook. Once the live video is streaming, billions of people and all of your followers are at the tips of your fingers.

    The Marketing Minute will now be a weekly segment featured on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio that will discuss the newest marketing strategies and tactics. If your company is looking for information and details on branding, social media or even the latest technology and tools, Marketing Minutes is the show for you.

    If you are still stumped on how to use Facebook Live as a competitive advantage, call mRELEVANCE at 770-383-3360 to set up an appointment.


    Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio’s “Marketing Minute” segments air on Wednesdays and is sponsored by Marketing RELEVANCE. The segments highlight the latest marketing strategies and tactics, from branding and social media to the latest technology and tools, all to help sharpen your business’ approach to marketing and public relations and to drive your message. If you have a topic you would like covered on Marketing Minute, or want to learn more about using a topic as a marketing advantage for business, contact mRELEVANCE at 770-383-3360. Please download and subscribe to all of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcasts on iTunes and if you like this week’s show, be sure to rate it.


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