Stay safe from kinds of identity theftIf you didn’t get quite what you wanted this holiday season, you can still enjoy lots of shopping deals online. But like with any financial transaction, you should be careful what information you offer because your big deal may turn into a big headache if you expose yourself to identity theft online.


Equifax Finance Blog has some great tips to keep in mind in the new article, ” to make sure you stay safe online when it comes to snatching up post-holiday deals:

  • Guard your online passwords – while keeping one password for everything may be convenient, keeping multiple passwords and changing them up frequently will keep you safe if somewhere that you order from is compromised.
  • Pay by Credit Card – you have the greatest protection when using credit cards, as your amount of out-of-pocket liability is limited to $50 for unauthorized charges, compared to someone emptying your debit account or checking account, and leaving you with additional charges and fees. Many credit cards even waive the $50 fee for unauthorized charges, but that is something to consider with your credit card company.

You can find more tips like these about how to stay safe from

kinds of identity theft by checking out the Equifax Finance Blog.

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