Over the last month, mortgage interest rates have been falling, making now an excellent time to purchase a new home in metro Atlanta. Academy Mortgage is excited about the lower interest rates and the fact that it is more affordable to purchase a home now than it was just a month ago!

Home buyers paying a mortgage on a home priced in the $500,000s have seen principle and interest payments drop around $150 per month over the last few weeks because of the recent interest rate deduction. However, many buyers have been hearing the experts discuss the bond market going higher, which can raise interest rates up to as much as five percent. This means that now truly is the best time to buy a new home while interest rates are still low. Regardless of price point, Academy Mortgage wants to help everyone achieve their American dream of homeownership.

While most buyers expect to place 20 percent down on their home loan, Academy Mortgage currently has products that require only a five percent down payment. This product can be combined with a second mortgage so that the buyer isn’t required to have private mortgage insurance (PMI.)

An added benefit of conducting business with Academy Mortgage is that the entire loan process is handled in-house, from the processing to the underwriting and closing. This makes it easier and less stressful for home buyers as they secure a mortgage for their new home purchase.


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