If you are looking to help you get back on your feet and become a home owner again, PrimeLending is here to help! PrimeLending and Fannie Mae’s HomePath Program is designed to help make the most of foreclosure inventory by offering quality homes at low prices with low down payments, flexible mortgage terms and availability to those with less-than-perfect credit.

HomePath is eligible for primary residences, second homes and some investment properties. There are many properties to choose from all over Georgia on the HomePath.com site, with hundreds in the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas to choose from. Homes are priced competitively and the down payment is low, as little as three percent for primary mortgages and as a little as five percent on a renovation loan. Even better for those seeking a restart, the down payment can be funded from outside of their own savings, including a gift, grant or loan from a nonprofit, state or local government, or employer. And to top it off, there is no mortgage insurance or appraisal fee required.

All of this adds up to a great option for setting down roots and rebuilding your life. Talk to one of our Loan Officers today at 770-615-4613 to learn more and find your new way home with HomePath!

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