How do you feel about the idea of having your office right next door to your bedroom?  For some, the set up is less than ideal–either they would turn themselves into a work-a-holic or they would always be too distracted to get anything done.  However, with more and more start-up businesses and small businesses taking advantage of telecommuters, it seems like in-home workspace is the way of the future.

    Currently, more than 34 million U.S. workers now telecommute at least part time, and it is estimated that the number will reach 63 million by 2016 as companies are looking for ways to cut expenses, according to an article from MultiFamily Executive. As a result, home office space is the new necessary feature of homes on the market.  As home-based businesses take over, builders should be looking for ways to incorporate workstations/offices and inventory storage space in their floorplans. They could even go a step further by making plans with ground-floor meeting rooms and studio or retail space.

    Atlanta live-work housingMany Atlanta builders have already embraced this new live-work way of life. One exceptional example is Huff Heights located in downtown Atlanta. Built by Brock Built, these intown Atlanta townhomes are zoned live/work and the floorplans were designed for homeowners to make the most of this zoning. The ground floor of the live/work units at Huff Heights features a spacious flex room that can be used for just about anything – a meeting room, retail, studio, personal office, etc. This flex room even has its own entrance, which means that clients/customers will not be invading your home whatsoever when visiting your office.

    Of course, the city is also full of live-work-play communities that feature retail and office space within walking distance of the residences, which is a slight variation of the in-home office space. No matter which option builders are emphasizing, it seems that incorporating business life into home life is the new way of the home building industry. Be prepared to see more in-home offices and live-work floorplans in the coming years. On the plus side, if more people are working from home, we should see in improvement in Atlanta traffic, right??

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