Sharp Residential knows you want to live intown, but think that lifestyle is beyond your reach. Think again, but you must act quickly!

Sharp Residential is selling all available new townhomes (except the furnished model) for $139,900. To qualify for this amazing deal, you must sign the contract by August 30 and close by September 30. So why buy a townhome at Liberty Park?

For starters, living ITP (Inside the Perimeter) means a teeny commute to the myriad of office buildings in downtown, midtown and Buckhead. You are also mere paces away from an unlimited choice of restaurants. Whether you are looking for cheap Mexican food, authentic Pho, world class French cuisine, the city of Atlanta has it and more. The shopping is also phenomenal. From trendy resale shops, to boutiques and traditional mall stores, you can find anything you are looking for in Atlanta. And for your monthly does of culture, Atlanta offers a wide variety of museums, galleries and theater outlets. When you live at Liberty Park, these things are all close at hand. If you want to avoid parking fees in Atlanta, public transportation is easy to access.

Life in the community is calm and serene. Liberty Park is not only gated, it is also manned by a friendly security guard. The community’s pool is a great place to relax and splash around on a warm day. With so much to offer at the amazing price of $139,900, you cannot miss out on this chance.

For more information on Liberty Park, visit the Sharp Residential website.

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