If you’re looking to sell a home for more money, list it on a Wednesday, but it you want it out of your hands quickly, list it on a Thursday, Redfin finds.

The advice comes from The Redfin Analysis, which is based on a sample of approximately 100,000 homes that sold in 2017. Homes listed on Sundays performed the worst, so Sunday listings were used as a baseline and compared to homes listed on other days of the week.

The study showed that homes that were listed Wednesday sold for $2,023 more than homes listed on Sundays, but that homes listed on Thursdays sold faster and with higher certainty (Thursday-listed homes sold an average of five days sooner). Additionally, Thursday-listed homes were the most likely to be sold within 90 and 180 days of listing.

One theory for the success of these homes is that the listing days coincide with buyers’ time blocked out for house hunting. Redfin Denver Agent Karla Kirkpatrick-Adams said, “Serious buyers typically start making their weekend house-hunting plans late in the work week. You want your home to be one of the fresh listings buyers see pop up as they decide which homes they should see over the weekend.”  Keeping this theory in mind, if you list your home on Sunday, most buyers aren’t even going to know it was listed until the following Wednesday or Thursday when they start their shopping list for the following weekend.

Other than this theory, there is no clear explanation for Wednesday’s aptitude for selling at higher prices, nor Thursday’s speed and certainty factor. However, realtors and home builders can keep this in mind when they list homes and communities. It matters when a home makes its way into the multi list service and onto the Internet and it matters how that home is presented to the buyer, whether by pricing or professional photography.

Let us know your thoughts on the best day of the week to list. We’d love to know what trends you see.

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