Lisa Simmons to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Benefiting BlazeSports America

Intended to spotlight the best of metro Atlanta including communities, events and more, this week’s Around Atlanta segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio certainly does that! Beacon Management Services President Lisa Simmons and BlazeSports America Board of Directors Chairman Andy McNeil join co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to discuss Lisa’s upcoming Mount Kilimanjaro climb benefitting nonprofit BlazeSports America.

In 2018, Lisa completed the 25-mile, Rim-to-Rim trail at the Grand Canyon in support of BlazeSports America, returning this year to climb the highest African mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Beginning August 12, 2019, Lisa’s 8-day trek will raise awareness of BlazeSports America as well as funds to support athletic programs for disabled athletes and new wheelchair and track equipment.

In the midst of Lisa’s training to hike the Grand Canyon, she began to entertain doing something positive in conjunction with the hike and raise money for a nonprofit.

“When I started researching all the different nonprofits out there, then it suddenly came to me, wouldn’t it be interesting if I could hike for someone who couldn’t?” Lisa said. “One thing led to another…and I found BlazeSports America.”

Formed after the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, BlazeSports America focuses on changing the lives of children and veterans with physical disabilities through adaptive sports. Since its inception, the group has worked with nearly 1 million participants.

Committed to changing lives through sports and recreation, education and training, BlazeSports America helps to create an equal playing field for all. The organization sees firsthand the incredibly positive impact adaptive sports can have on people with physical limitations on and off the field.

BlazeSports America is supported in a variety of ways including monetary donations, corporate partners and customized license plates.

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