Tonight for just one hour many Atlantans will turn off their lights for an hour in honor of mother Earth. If you want to support Earth Hour and show that working together we can make a difference, turn your lights off on Saturday, March 26 from 8:30 til 9:30 p.m.

Organizers are encouraging participants to go beyond the light switch this year and really think of ways to conserve energy. When we all work together we can protect earths precious resources by conserving, developing, and spreading the word. Flipping the switch for one hour on Saturday will be your vote for mother Earth.

Last year, more than 126 countries participated and in the United States notable landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters and even the Las Vegas Strip went dark along with 90,000,000 American households!

Help the USA support Earth Hour by going beyond the light switch. How can you conserve this year?

If you are living in an energy efficient home, you are already doing a lot to help the Earth. Most home builders now build homes that require less energy to operate than ever. If you are looking for a new Atlanta home ask your builder if the participate in EarthCraft House, LEED or a green building program. Owning green Atlanta real estate is easier than ever and more rewarding — you’ll see the rewards monthly on your utility bills!

From unplugging to conserving water, there are lots of ways each of us can help the Earth. Please share with the team at Atlanta Real Estate Forum your plans for consumption reduction in 2011.

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