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Level Craft Construction, a 100% woman-owned business based in Atlanta, finished a Decatur home renovation where the team updated the home’s interior and exterior. While Level Craft Construction also tackles custom home projects, the team enjoys diving into a home renovation where only a few additions or changes can make homeowners fall right back in love with the property.

Level Craft Construction began with the unassuming ranch-style home and transformed it to a whole new level by modernizing paint colors, features and appliances.

The Pre-Renovated House

Initially, the Decatur home’s exterior sported dark colors that blended into the environment. The walls were light gray with white trim and dark doors, shutters and roof. With very little opportunity to catch a passerby’s attention, the pre-renovated exterior did not live up to its distinguished address.

Like the outside, the home’s interiors included dark and outdated features. Even with beautiful windows that let in natural light, the dark finishes created a dull ambiance. So, the homeowners were looking not only to modernize the house’s style but to also expand and create a more open-layout design.

The Renovated House

Level Craft Construction turned this outdated ranch into an open concept, intown home. The team also added on a larger front porch to increase curb appeal. The appearance is not the only perk the porchLevel Craft Construction porch offers, as it also provides the perfect location to rock away a long day’s work. The home’s exterior was repainted to create a more inviting look, with the central focus on the powder blue front door. Now painted with bright colors, the exterior’s fresh look adds a touch of southern charm to the property.

Inside, the team completely renovated and reworked the home’s interior to add on a new wing for additional space. The home now includes special additions aimed to make life easier. One such example can be found in the home’s front entry area. Level Craft Construction created a built-in drop zone perfect for keeping items organized while people are coming and going. Car keys, umbrellas, hats and jackets will never be lost again with this functional add-on that helps with storage.


Level Craft Construction porchAnother small detail the team added on was varying light fixtures in the main living area. The house now includes modern lighting throughout with modern spherical fixtures in the kitchen, an elegant chandelier in the dining room and rustic ceiling fans. While simple, the fixtures bring out the home’s classic structure and beautifully renovated style by defining each space.

The partial wall previously located between the kitchen and living room was torn down to create a large, open-layout space. The kitchen was modernized with white custom cabinets and high-quality marbleLevel Craft Construction porch countertops. Other updated features include stainless-steel appliances, a farmhouse-style sink, an oversized center island and a statement backsplash for a pop of color in the neutral-colored kitchen.

The owner’s suite is located in the home’s new wing with a powder blue barn door that opens up to an ensuite bath. With the team’s careful eye for design, the room’s black and white colors create a spa-like bath that homeowners will love to luxuriate in. The ensuite’s other features include a dual vanity and unique flooring and shower tile patterns.

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