Atlanta home designLet there be light!

Paint is an amazing tool to drastically change the look of a space without spending a fortune on materials and supplies.  We’re not all made of money, though.  So, what happens if you paint a room and the color is not quite what you wanted?  If you can’t afford to repaint, lighting is an incredible tool that can have a dramatic impact on the look of a color.

Light is actually what makes color, so it should come as no surprise that it can change the way color looks.  It used to be that there were two light bulb options: fluorescent and incandescent.  Fluorescent gives off a cool color glow and incandescent gives off a warm color glow.  Incandescent is typically much more complementary of people’s skin tones than fluorescent.  Think back to the last time you looked in a mirror in a poorly lit public bathroom.  Did you look like death compared to your mirror at home?  Chances are pretty good it was an incandescent bulb placed in a spot that created terrible shadows.

Lighting technology has greatly developed, and now you can get both fluorescent and incandescent lights in many colors.

Let’s say, for example, you paint a room greige.  You’re excited about this updated color blend of gray and brown because it’s going to give you a modernized, yet warm look.  When you paint, suddenly everything looks like cold concrete block walls and it is not at all the warm color you thought it would be!  Try adding warm lights to the room (lights with yellow/orange undertones).  This will dramatically change the look of the paint by reflecting warmth!

Next time you’re at the store for light bulbs, start reading the packages.  You will be amazed at the variety of color options available.

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