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The last couple of years have brought unparalleled technological innovation and ways to incorporate new technology into our lives and 2018 will be no different. Leading the charge for more technology-filled homes is Lennar Homes, the first builder in the world to feature Wi-Fi CERTFIED™ home designs. Holly Yaeger, area sales manager with Lennar Atlanta, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to tell listeners more about Lennar’s Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ homes for buyers who want a smart home.

Currently, Lennar has more than 20 communities in the Atlanta area, from McDonough to Forsyth County and Cherokee County to Gwinnett County. Lennar’s “Everything’s Included” approach to home building makes no exception for the buyers who want to be able to easily change the thermostat, play music, turn lights off or on, see who is at their door or even access the Internet from anywhere in the home.

The builder’s Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™ program partners with the Wi-Fi Alliance® and means that when building a new home, the most important goal is keeping the entire home connected to a network. Lennar uses heat maps on its blueprints to determine where the dreaded “dead spots” are. On heat maps, connected areas show up as green and dead spots show up as red, yellow or orange. Wireless access points are added to any places that show up as a dead spot.

Connectivity all over the home includes streaming Internet from the television from anywhere in the home. When buyers purchase a Lennar home, they receive a two-hour appointment with an Amazon employee to get acquainted with Amazon Alexa, which is added into the new home so that buyers can change the thermostat, play music, lock the front door, turn off lights, see who’s at the door and much more.

Lennar is setting the standard for the smart home of 2018 and beyond, since the homes are also equipped to evolve with new technology of the future. Listen to today’s podcast to learn more about everything included in Lennar’s smart homes or learn more by visiting Lennar Atlanta.


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