If you want to know how social media can fit into your business’ marketing strategy, join Lasso CRM and Denim Marketing founder and president, Carol Morgan for an exclusive webinar on making your brand work for you. Presented by Lasso CRM and taking place on Thursday, May 3 at noon EDT, the webinar will be based on Morgan’s book, “Social Media Marketing for Your Business.”

Morgan’s presentation is ideal for marketing professionals, Realtors, builders, remodelers and other in the real estate industry build their business’ marketing foundation. “Social Media Marketing for Your Business” brings attention to big-picture marketing and offers self-check audits at the end of each section to give readers an idea of where their marketing strategies stand.

The seminar will include information on the following topics:

  • Basics for a strong marketing foundation
  • The importance of a good website
  • Traffic from social media to your website
  • Evaluation of social media sites

At the end of the webinar, Morgan will host an interactive question-and-answer session, an excellent way to get answers to your questions from an expert in marketing and social media. Small business owners or home builders who want to take their social media strategies to the next level can attend the webinar by registering here.

“Social Media Marketing for Your Business” is available for purchase at www.BuilderBooks.com.

webinarLasso is the No. 1 CRM for new home sales and is custom-built for real estate developers, home builders and new home agencies. The Lasso team offers a variety of resources to help your business thrive. One resource is webinars, where leading industry experts from the home building industry speak on topics such as integrating online sales, social media, sales management and more.

Carol Morgan, MIRM, CAPS, CSP is President of Denim Marketing. Denim Marketing is a strategic marketing agency tailoring content for blogs, social media, public relations and promotions. For more information, call 770-383-3360 or visit www.DenimMarketing.com.