KW Brightstar Teams Up for Success with Atlanta's Builders

Today, we discuss the importance of the partnership between builders and marketing teams. Builders in Atlanta are experts at putting together the perfect product, but new home sales and marketing teams like KW BRIGHTSTAR know how to deliver the perfect product to its buyers. On today’s All About Real Estate episode, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick are joined by Pauline Miller, President and Sara Joseph, Vice President of KW BRIGHTSTAR.

KW BRIGHTSTAR is a new home sales and marketing group specializing in builder and developer services. The team has more than two decades of new home sales and marketing experience with a variety of builder products, including single-family homes, townhomes, high-rise condos and more. The marketing group sets themselves apart by focusing on the builders rather than the team of Realtors they work with. Many Realtors, Miller says, focus on marketing themselves, but KW BRIGHTSTAR makes more of a conscious effort to market the builders and establish their brands.

When teaming up with builders to market their new homes and communities, KW BRIGHTSTAR helps builders develop the communities’ brands to make sure they can best represent the products. The group also offers highly trained teams of onsite sales reps to represent the builder to the buyer, shows the best of the community on the web, including the most correct floor plans, and helps builders stand out through their brands.

Miller comments that they have to keep an eye out on upcoming and current trends in home buying. One trend, she says, is bicycle storage and walkability becoming more important than having as many places to park. This is reinforced by the influx of West Coast citizens and Northerners moving to the Atlanta area who come from communities where walkability is more traditional than driving.

KW BRIGHTSTAR also advocates for builders who are making their homes wireless and technologically smart, as well. Even homes with garages must make exceptions for wiring that lets electric cars charge. Additionally, schools are critical to communities’ successes, says Miller. The first things young families search for when choosing a home is whether the public schools are good and if not, then the availability of charter schools is a huge drive, especially for intown selections.

Learn more about KW BRIGHTSTAR’s current projects, partnerships and more by tuning in to today’s podcast. Get in touch with KW BRIGHSTAR’s Pauline Miller at and Sara Joseph at For more information, visit


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