Todd Schnick and Bryan Nonni are joined on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio by Sherry Gasaway, publisher of KNOW Atlanta magazine. During the show, the trio discusses the magazine, its contents, the Atlanta real estate market and much more.

KNOW Atlanta is the top relocation magazine for anyone moving to Atlanta. The publication is used by nearly everyone, from corporate executives to families, looking for valuable Atlanta-area information; everything from local events to school statistics. Readers can expect a concise and clear representation of the information needed to make an educated decision when moving to Atlanta. Whether they need housing data, education statistics or healthcare reviews, KNOW Atlanta covers all of this information in separate and easily consumable sections. Published quarterly, KNOW Atlanta offers  all of the information needed by a consumer to make the decision to move to a completely new city.

KNOW Atlanta puts together great feature articles about the “Atlanta Advantage:” why move here, why companies are moving here and more. With Atlanta becoming a hot relocation market, KNOW Atlanta becomes increasingly more valuable to companies and employees moving here. “In January, Mercedes started us off with the big announcement that their headquarters is here in Atlanta. KNOW Atlanta sent 450 magazines right up to their employees,” said Gasaway.

KNOW Atlanta is the guide book to everything in the city. The magazine focuses deeply on the companies moving here, companies already here and everything to do with the economic growth. Also, KNOW Atlanta informs readers about the housing market in Atlanta, especially since the housing industry is doing so well.

One of the most popular sections of the magazine is the 35 pages of county and city information including utility information, school scores, city definitions, county definitions, locations, companies that exist in those areas and more. Another aspect of the magazine is that it caters to those who already live in Atlanta, but don’t know about certain opportunities surrounding them.

To learn more about KNOW Atlanta and hear about the special parts of this great city, listen to the full podcast via the player at the top of this page. Visit KNOW Atlanta online at to learn about the city and request your own copy of the magazine.


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