Every homeowner knows the stress and hassle of trying to sell a house. There are constant appointments that wreck havoc on schedules. Pressure to keep the house in “show shape” is overwhelming, not to mention the process can take forever. On today’s All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, Tice Pell from Knock joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to discuss how her company sells homes in six weeks guaranteed.

Knock opened its virtual doors in the summer of 2016, exclusively in the Atlanta metro area. Pell, who had previously been with Trulia, says she is excited to be the head of business development with Knock precisely because she knows how difficult selling can be. With Knock, sellers get a guaranteed market value offer for their home, and a promise to sell the home within six weeks. She says that using data science, sellers can request an offer online and receive that offer within 12 hours. The price offered is based on market analysis and algorithms.

If a seller chooses to work with Knock, they have two options. Pell says they simply can choose to sell the house to Knock at the price offered, pick their closing date, select a moving date and wipe their hands of the entire thing or sellers can list the home with Knock, who lists the house and guarantees its sale within six weeks.  Either way, the seller is guaranteed a buyer.

Pell says selling with Knock comes with a few great benefits. If a home happens to sell for more than what Knock paid for it, Knock will send a cash refund to that seller. If any work needs to be done on the house, Knock will schedule it, organize it and pay for it. Once the house is listed, they provide 3-D tours of the homes and a full-service sales team in Atlanta, as well as featured placement on the most trafficked sites.

Builders are beginning to take advantage of this program. Often, people who want to build have to sell a home first. With Knock, builders can provide this service onsite, which can reduce the number of contingency contracts they have to write.

To learn more about Knock, listen to today’s segment and visit their website.


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